To a 20-something girl whose life is meaningless, empty and boring :)


It’s really interesting to be a woman, isn’t it? Especially in our society, when you are in your mid-20’s and not married you start hearing crazy stuff like ‘Awe, you know what sweetie? You just haven’t found the right guy yet’. Or “What are you doing with your boring life”? Or,”You poor thing, Why is someone like you still single?” Or “Have you thought of getting married? It’s getting late, you might have trouble having kids later”.

It’s never-ending. Okay?
And it’s never helpful.
I grew up watching girls around me dreaming of their picture-perfect fairytale wedding.
I also dreamed.
But for different things.
To be independent, to make a difference and to live a different life. From that dreaming, I’ve built an incredible life and I have become a woman who I am proud to be.
And then someone just walks up to you and they’re like why don’t you just settle down…like seriously????
The worth of this bold, liberated, independent woman just gets diminished as I am reminded that I have failed in this single part of life i.e. settling down.
I mean guys!
I am an incredibly crazy badass yogi. A distinction holder, who is pursuing another degree while managing to be at work on time every single day. I’m a good friend, a solid daughter, a hard worker. I take out the garbage too before it gets too smelly and oh I recycle. I mean I’m killing it. So what am I missing here?
And it’s not just me, I am not here to brag about myself.
I know intelligent and hardworking women who get shun every now and then by the society. Doctors, engineers, accountants, entrepreneurs and the list goes on…they worked their ass off to turn their dreams into reality and then they get snagged in this way. It’s as if all that they have done and achieved it doesn’t matter at all.


And I, in no way mean to discount anyone who is married or is about to get married. It’s just this is my version of the narrow way that I am undermined.
For a 20-something who is reading this, your life is yours. So if your life is actually yours then you have to really live it for yourself. You have to put yourself first and not to be looking for permission to do so. So when you put yourself first by doing things like saying NO, speaking up, from traveling wherever the hell you want to eating whatever you want, laughing as loud with lips stretching from one ear to another without giving a crap. That’s BOLD. It takes a certain kind of bravery to be bold. It means risking being misunderstood. Perceived as alone and broken. Having no one to focus on, fall into or hide behind & having to be just my own. But that’s something that I want to do at least for Now. And it’s my choice. I want to be the brave me. The bold me. The one whose life is not owned by society. I am going to be my own experiences.I am going to pay attention to the reality of my life and the audacity of my dreams instead of the expectations of what I was raised with.

You can do that too. You can go from being you to just being the brave you and you should definitely try it. Because trust me brave you is more beautiful. And not beautiful by putting shit loads of makeup on your face. Because when I think of beautiful, I think of a tree. I think of seeing a bird soar, I think of my mom and my sister who is always standing there behind me like a rock. That’s beautiful and brave.

Here I am saying,

Heart open. Hair big. Sexual. Powerful. And full of herself. Being at the height of her own selfness. Fully in bloom.

“Be brave and Beautiful”



A 20-something whose life is not boring, empty and meaningless 🙂

7 thoughts on “To a 20-something girl whose life is meaningless, empty and boring :)

  1. A good read, b*tch! Keep on writing! 😉 You’ll have a one “SOLID” reader here. Mwah! Just continue being amazing and inspiring other. I love you! 😙


      1. oh how beautiful, do you seem to be, hafsa? for oh i’ll look into your eyes, like i never have, only to fall in love with the way, you would smile at me for oh my love, you’re beautiful, like no other! oh let me witness you smile tonight, for oh my love, you’re exquisite like no other, only to adorn my world, as and when you would smile, only to make me fall for you, for oh hafsa, you’re one of a kind, just the way you’re! smile, my love and make me fall for them sunset eyes, until the day, i reside in them, only to name it as my home.


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