Roller Coaster Ride + Cherry on top = LIFE


As much as I believe that life is beautiful, I am also convinced that it has interesting ways of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect them. It can show you rainbows and hurricanes on the same day as well as sunshine and clouds.

In one day, everything can go down the drain; be it work life, uni life or love life. You name it and you find the tide going against you and you think you are back to square one. As if this is not enough to grind and make you go crazy during this ride you must deal with the “cherry-on-top” too i.e. the people. They would try to bring you down, question your thoughts, your path, your lifestyle and judge you as if this is their only purpose in life. Family, friends, people you just met and people you don’t even know. Some of them would stab you in the back and some of them would make sure that they are not only hurting you but crushing you and your feelings by running you over with a bulldozer. You, on the other hand, are just hanging in there trying to figure out as to what went wrong or perhaps maybe there is something wrong with you? Because you tried your best to be honest and sincere.

Trust me, we have all been there and because we can’t do anything about it we just let time to heal the pain they have caused us. But guess what? It’s okay. It’s not you, it’s them. We don’t even realize it but some people are just toxic and negative energy and you are just better without them. So, stop trying to make efforts for people who don’t deserve you.

And hey!

Don’t forget about those who make you feel ALIVE. They are the ones to stick with you at your worst and they don’t want anything in return. And I am not talking about your lovers here people they could be your siblings, long distant friends or people you share your house with. We all have them around us and these are the people we should hold onto.TIGHT.

Like most of us out there maybe you feel the same.
Maybe you feel a little lost right now.
Maybe you are starting to lose faith in friendship, love, relationships, sincerity, and trust.
Maybe you don’t know what your path in life is yet.
Maybe you hate your job.
Maybe you are confused about what it is that you want.
Maybe you know exactly what you want but have no idea how to get it.
But maybe……

Just maybe the universe is doing its job by taking you to a place you are meant to be, and it definitely does not mean that you are back to square one.

Falling in and out of all the hardships we start to get to know what we are capable to do as humans. We take life too seriously. Most of us grow up with checklists of what we are supposed to achieve by the time we’re thirty or forty. We forget it’s okay to mess up and live a little.

So, you keep going.

You don’t give up. You stand tall. You fight. You always show up to save the day.

And guess what? As much as I try to put that big laugh on my face there are days when I am grey too. Days where I just don’t want to get out of bed. Days when I am not doing yoga, I am not positive at all and eating all the junk or nothing at all. That’s when I get up and think about “SELF CARE”.

You see self-care isn’t always pretty, it’s not always candles and bathtub full of roses, sometimes it’s forcing yourself to get out of bed and dragging yourself, sometimes it’s the pep talk you give to yourself or the quick cry before bed.

Sometimes it’s convincing yourself to do all these things you should be doing but you have no will what so ever, sometimes it’s cutting some ties no matter how precious they were, sometimes it’s letting go of things you thought will bring you sunshine, sometimes it’s the bitter medicine you need to give yourself.

Self-care isn’t pretty but it’s worth it!

None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an afterthought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump into the ocean. Be silly. Be weird. And lastly be kind………
For kindness, I think it tastes like honey and it finds its way back home.


Hanging on the roller coaster ride with all of you 🙂








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